Jimmy Chung’s, Dublin

Jimmy Chung’s, Dublin

I was invited to eat here by a friend during my fleeting visit to Dublin.  I’ve travelled to Dublin on more occasions than I can remember, yet never before eaten at this restaurant. Located just off O’Connell Street, and a short stagger from Abbey Street Luas, not to mention the nearby Dart stop, its location was the primary reason for its selection.

To say I was a little sceptical is an understatement. For less than €14.00 you’re free to dine at will. With no “silly rules” that some “All you can eats” stipulate, you can flit from appetisers to mains to starters or sweets in any combination you choose. It’s even cheaper at lunchtime!

My initial assessment was good. The large dining room was busy at 7pm, yet we were seated immediately. It reminded me a little of a school / college canteen, brightly lit and staffed with very efficient if a tad surly waiters-on.

Any empty plates were whipped away, to free up available space on the table, with ruthless efficiency, which was great.  Although the staff certainly didn’t appear to want to engage with the customers, they were very good.  We asked when one particular dish might be replenished, and once it had, we were duly notified, so I have no complaints at all regarding the service.

My scepticism was unfounded. Based on my supposition that for €14 they must be offering luke-warm cattle fodder, I was delighted to be proved so wrong.  Once you get over the “all you can eat” concept, which for some induces a shark-like feeding frenzy, (as if it’s their first meal in days), the experience doesn’t have to be like the Boxing Day sale at NEXT.

I guess if you operate an all you can eat restaurant, there’s a balance to be struck between replenishing the dishes with fresh food, and making sure the food already available is eaten.  I’m no expert in the field of buffet replenishment, but from my limited experience I’d say they’d almost got the balance right.  Whilst the starters / appetisers appeared to be always freshly stocked, the main courses were in need of replenishing.  However, this is a moving target and these could easily have been replenished the moment I turned my back?

The toilets were not especially clean.  I just hope my theory that the standards of cleanliness in the toilets represents those in the kitchen, is seriously flawed. With payment on departure, Jimmy’s resists the temptation to devalue itself by charging the punters up-front, which other high volume restaurants often do.

Well worth a try, especially if you’re looking for a great value, quick turn around meal.

Jimmy Chung's Dublin

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